Friday, September 21, 2012

Minimum Wage for South Korea in 2013

Next year's minimum wage is 4,860 won per hour as determined 
Notified by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, August 1 - 

And next year's minimum wage hourly pay 4,860 won a final decision by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, this notice announces the August 1 next year's minimum wage applied Labor on June 30 after the minimum wage committee deliberations? decision for 10 days from July 6 as originally determined through the appeal process of the organization. Notice will next year's minimum wage hourly rate basis (4,860) for standard first class (8 hours), equivalent 38,880, and the salary based on a 40-hour workweek 1,015,740 minimum wage workers work overtime allowances, bonuses, welfare benefits, etc. If you get paid on a monthly basis. uniformly the basic salary and fixed allowances should be judged based solely on compliance with the minimum wage, except it be judged should. 

 Affect the Commission's minimum wage rate estimates, according to data from 2582 thousand students next year's applicable minimum wage (hourly pay 4,860 won) 14.7 percent of the overall wage workers to influence the other hand, is analyzed to determine the applicable minimum wage in 2013, the Ministry of Employment and Labor. stewardship projects linking the minimum wage jobs, business and social contribution Map all businesses in the supervisory process, notice, while the minimum wage in order to be compliant 'compliance' minimum wage should be checked ever, while minimum wage violations through intensive monitoring. caught out civic watchdog group, operating through official meetings, including the minimum wage, vulnerable businesses plan to create an atmosphere to comply with the minimum wage, he said.


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